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Bar Mitzvah Classes

Rabbi Yossi Harari-Raful is the assistant Rabbi as well as the Chazan in Netive Ezra a prestigious Sephardic congregation in Miami FL. Rabbi Raful is also enrolled in the Netive Ezra Kolel, where he vigorously learns the laws of Halacha along with his Chavruta. He also manages the Marc Sutton Netive Ezra daycare, and in his free time teaches young boys to read the Torah for their Bar Mitzvas. (Rabbi Yossi Raful also teaches part time in a school.)

Rabbi Yossi Harari-Raful is originally from Jerusalem, Israel. He is fluent in Hebrew, Spanish and English. He spent time in his youth in a Yeshiva in Mexico under the influence of Rabbi Saul Melech. He then married and moved to Miami to help his father in law develop and flourish the Netive Ezra community, to the incredible development it is today.

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